Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 20 Wireless Active Speaker

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Colour: Black

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Beolab 20 is a powerful speaker designed with an elegant and compact footprint. Its aluminum base, covered with high-quality fabric, enhances bass performance while isolating the speaker from the floor.

Beolab 20 does not require a separate subwoofer. Each driver unit (woofer, tweeter, mid-range) in this powerful active speaker has its own dedicated 160-watt amplifier and DSP channel, along with optimized crossover networks and personalized correction filters.

At the heart of its refined acoustic performance, Beolab 20 features a custom-built digital sound engine that has been developed to optimize each component inside the wireless speaker.


The powerful and refined performance of BeoLab 20 comes from the active speaker design and the uncompromising engineering of the digital sound engine. The tapered shape of the speaker embraces every nuance, while Pure Wireless Sound offers clear, wireless bliss and the freedom to place BeoLab 20 exactly where you want it. The Bang & Olufsen logo shines through the aluminum and acts as a status indicator when the BeoLab 20 is turned on.

Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT):
The benefit of ALT is the 180-degree horizontal distribution of the upper frequencies, allowing you to still get the best experience wherever you are in the room.

Chamber Calibration:
A three-position switch controls the bass response of the speaker based on the speaker's position in the room.

Adaptive Bass Linearization
It continuously adapts the bass response to the input signal, providing significantly improved bass performance without the risk of damaging the driver.

Thermal protection:
The temperature of all driver units is constantly monitored to keep the speaker at peak performance at all times.



Torsten Valeur
David Lewis Designers

composite material


1 x 160 watt, Class D, tweeter
1 x 160 watts, Class D, midrange
2 x 160 watts, Class D, woofer

Drive Units
1 x 3/4" tweeter
1 x 5" midrange
1 x 10" woofer

Bass Capacity
104dB SPL

Maximum Noise
108dB SPL

Recommended Room Size
100 m²


Wireless Connection
Wireless Power Connection (24 bit / 48 kHz)
WiSA (24 bit / 96 kHz)

2 x Power Connectors (RJ45)
1 x RCA (Left/Right)
1 x TOSLINK In: Sampling rate 32k, 44.1k, 48k, 96k / PCM16-24 bit
Output: Sample rate 48k / PCM 24-bit


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