Astell&Kern XB10 High Definition Digital Audio Converter (DAC)

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We added high sound quality to the wireless freedom!

Now it's possible to use aptX™ HD, the latest Bluetooth codec of Qualcomm to receive 24bit high-quality data wirelessly, and it's designed to faithfully play back the transmitted high-quality data using Astell&Kern's own sound technology.

Comfortably use any high-end in-ear or full-size earphones, enjoy music and voice calls with the built-in microphone. Amplify your vehicle's sound. Control your home audio system with your smartphone.

Music via Bluetooth Without Compromise

The AK XB10 delivers a distinctive difference in sound from conventional Bluetooth products. The moment you hear it, you wonder "Does this sound really come from Bluetooth?"

Astell&Kern's outstanding technologies are throughout aptX™ HD to support 24bit/48kHz Bluetooth performance, along with DAC and AMP, essential components of fine audio.

The utmost in Bluetooth listening pleasure: AK XB10


Although the AK XB10 is a device that wirelessly receives audio data via Bluetooth technology from smartphones, it is quite different from other common Bluetooth devices; the AK XB10 supports the aptX™ HD Bluetooth codec.

Just as the resolution of televisions evolved from standard high definition to 4K ultra-HD technology for more precise picture quality, we are now in an age where Bluetooth technology supports 24-bit audio resolution. 24-bit HD audio, which was previously impossible with older Bluetooth technologies, is now possible with aptX™ HD.

The original aptX™ technology, commonly used in professional broadcasting, was used for transmitting sound close to CD quality, which is 16-bit. The superiority of the aptX™ codec is better compression, low processor power consumption, and low transmission delay.

The new generation aptX™ HD codec, launched in early 2016, has a transmission capacity of up to 24-bit/48kHz resolution, which is an indication of how faithful it is to the original sound file.

Devices connected to the AK XB10 must support the aptX™ and aptX™ HD codecs for 24-bit audio playback.

Bluetooth codecs can be compared in terms of data packet efficiency. The data packet capacity in Bluetooth technology can be compared to passengers on a bus; the SBC codec can carry only one passenger per bus, while the aptX™ codec can carry three passengers, and the aptX™ HD codec can carry five passengers.

Just as an increase in passenger capacity on a bus, aptX™ HD is much more efficient than other audio codecs. If data loss is lower in transmission, more information and data can be transmitted.


The AK XB10 is equipped with a Hi-Fi DAC capable of reproducing high-quality sound up to 24-bit/192 kHz. Its analog amplifier was tuned using Astell&Kern's own sound technologies to complete the package.

A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) converts digital data into analog signals in a digital media player (DMP). The AK XB10 is equipped with a dedicated DAC for the best digital-to-analog signal conversion that significantly improves Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).

While a typical analog amplifier simply amplifies and outputs low level audio signals, the Astell&Kern amplifier in the AK XB10 is different.

Rather than simply amplifying the audio signal, the amplifier was designed with a ”driving” concept to amplify weak signals and power difficult to drive high impedance headphones. A strong signal is required to drive headphones with a high impedance. The AK XB10’s analog amplifier is more than capable of handling the task.

For example: when comparing the amplifier to a camera, using the zoom function to enlarge small objects in a viewfinder is much like how a common amplifier performs. However, the AK XB10’s amplifier is similar to the way a pan focus function clearly focuses blurry images.

Simply put, the Astell&Kern amplifier focuses on the weak signal.


"Oh, no! My earphones aren't compatible!"
Have you ever seen a tiny headphone jack where ordinary earphones cannot be plugged?

This is known as a 2.5 mm "sub-mini" audio connector. It's also known as a balanced connector. Modes of transmitting an analog signal can be divided into balanced and unbalanced. An unbalanced connection typically consists of a signal (L + R) and the ground. The ground is supposed to prevent external noise, but noise can still be introduced to the signal and can affect transmitted signals that causes variations and noise in sound.

The balanced connection was developed to reduce ground noise as the signal is transmitted. This connection adds a reverse phase signal (L + R) to an unbalanced signal (L + R) to diminish the noise.

The balanced connection has several advantages compared to an unbalanced connection. The same noise (common-mode noise) that occurs in a signal + reverse-phase signal can be eliminated and output is increased since two separate signals are transmitted.

Thus, it is only natural that we include a 2.5mm jack on the AK XB10 for audio enthusiasts. Enjoy a deeper level of sound through the AK XB10's balanced 2.5mm output.


The AK XB10 is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

The AK XB10 supports the SBC, aptX™, and aptX™ HD codecs for Android devices and the AAC codec for iOS. Forget about device compatibility issues, turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth, and connect the AK XB10.

You can also connect any laptop/notebook that supports Bluetooth. You will be transported to a new world of sound the moment the AK XB10 is connected to your smartphone.


When you receive a call while listening to music with the AK XB10, should you turn off the Bluetooth function before answering?

Should you unplug your earphones from the AK XB10 and connect them to your phone?

NO! Of course not! For the ultimate in convenience, the AK XB10 supports voice calls and features a built-in microphone so that you can receive calls when using earphones without a microphone.

Press the button once to receive a call while connected via Bluetooth and press and hold the button to reject a call. Easy peasy.


The design of the AK XB10 is also shaped in line with Astell&Kern 's design principle: the motif of light and shadow.
With this design concept, the AK XB10 is designed to mimic the refraction of light from a star.

The AK XB10 's top surface is divided into quarter circles, allowing easy operation with a single touch. It may seem simple, but the AK XB10 was built with careful consideration of design and usability.
The AK XB10 comes with one more complementary feature: its clip.
When you want to listen to music but don't want your mobility to be restricted, simply place the clip on the AK XB10 and then attach the AK XB10 to your t-shirt, purse or armband while doing sports. This simple clip facilitates portability and keeps your hands free. The AK XB10 is lighter than the energy bar you eat while exercising.
Now, are you ready for the ultimate ease of use in Hi-Fi sound?




50mm (width), 50mm (Height), 12.3mm (depth)

23 g

Bluetooth Version
Bluetooth 4.1 Class2

Bluetooth Profile
A2DP (multi), AVRCP, HFP, HSP

Frequency Band
2.4 – 2.4835 GHz ISM Band

Gravity Area
up to 10 meters

operating temperature
-10 degrees Celsius – 45 degrees Celsius


SBC, AAC, aptX™, aptX™ HD

Output Ports
2.5mm Balanced / 3.5mm Unbalanced

Output Power
2.5mm Balanced: 1.8Vrms / 3.5mm Unbalanced: 0.9Vrms


Battery Type
350 mAh 3.7V lithium polymer rechargeable battery

Operation time
About 5 hours (while listening to music or on a call)

Standby time
up to 300 hours

Charging Time
about 2 hours

Charging Method
5 pin micro USB (5V 2A)

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