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There is a special musician or group that everyone gets lost while listening to, and when they close their eyes, they dive into different realms. These are the people who produce the concept we call good music. For example, Jimi Hendrix ... An introverted genius... A guitarist who takes the course of rock music , his gait, the playing of the instrument called the guitar to a whole new level, and leaves millions in awe of his talent and style. The world's best bands still play his tracks, and every young guitarist watches his performances in amazement with mouths open and pupils dilated. Those who have just started playing the guitar try to play the way he plays, their hands and feet are tangled. He steals so much that this man sometimes makes people say "I can't use my own hand like that". Hendrix 's place is reserved for anyone who is somewhat familiar with this culture, they do not even compare him to others.


But for me, another genius is David Gilmour and then Pink Floyd.

Yes, we all know him as the guitarist of Pink Floyd , one of the best bands in rock history . It can be said that his professional music career started with Pink Floyd . He joined the band upon the suggestion of the founder and master of the band, Syd Barret , played together for a while, and then, when Syd left the band with substance abuse and collapse, he would become the brain of the band and would touch on the notes that compelled the mind.

Let's talk a little about Gilmour . I will never say "I think" or "or anything", this man is arguably the best guitar composer in the world and one of the best guitarists. The arrival of the word hits 3 notes in 30 seconds, but the compositions play those 3 notes so beautifully that you don't want those 30 seconds to end. I guess there is no one who does not know the song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" . It is an exact example of what I just described. So much so that many guitarists who have made a name for themselves around the world cannot understand how he did it. It enters the solo with the highest pitch in the most unexpected place, so that you are vulnerable. Think of a twenty-odd minute piece and you're never bored during the whole piece… I'm talking about "Echoes" . As long as I can remember myself, I still listen to "Brother, how can such a piece be made?" I ask myself. He makes you feel like a movie with his guitar and vocals in both group albums and solo albums. Especially the band's album The Wall tells a story from start to finish and it is seriously like a movie, which you should definitely watch.


If we look a little from a recording point of view, they used a lot of sound in all albums in general. Nature sounds, animal sounds, zippo lighter, money, shaver, clock, TV sounds, radio sounds etc. Everything you can think of is a part of their creative process for them. Apart from the effects, full backing vocals, piano, keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitars, slide guitars, acoustic guitars … We are talking about a musician and band who use them all together in every piece, and people who blend it without creating a mess. Of course, being able to hear all these sounds and choosing each one requires a certain good ear and, above all, a good equipment. When I say equipment, I mean ingenious speakers, headphones, amplifiers, sources , etc. I'm talking about devices. On this occasion, I would like to talk about what and how to listen.


There is a considerable difference between hearing and listening. For years I have only listened to the things I just told you and many similar things. Despite that, I listened to it with great admiration, but unfortunately I couldn't hear it much. Why couldn't I hear? Because the headphones, speakers, sources I have did not allow this. For example, I would like to share with you a detail that perhaps millions of people are deprived of hearing and that excites me every time I hear it.

You know the song "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd . It is an inedible piece of deliciousness. I've listened to this recording for years, but I've never heard the violin sound that starts at 5:20 and lasts until 5:26 minutes. You might say what's wrong with that? There is actually this; While reading the comments about the piece, I learned that the violin sound in that recording is not a calculated sound included in the piece. During the recording of the piece, the violin sounds of the jazz musician Stephane Grappelli , who was working in the next room at Abbey Road Studios , are recorded. When I learned this detail , Wish You Were Here took its place as a historical piece in my eyes. I heard many details and sound installations that I have just mentioned in full detail much later.


The formula is: A good source for lossless, compression-free listening! A high-definition headphone or speaker with a large stage to do justice to this source. If you say what is changing and we are starting to hear, let me try to explain briefly and simply.


First of all, the resource is our everything. A good music player presents the recording you want to listen to as it was recorded in the studio without any sound loss. Of course, for this, uncompressed FLAC , MQA , etc. records must be listened to. A headphone or speaker that we can hear losslessly from the source. What these products have in common is that they aim to present us with real sound. To announce things as they are. That's when you really start listening and hearing music. I said Pink Floyd, David Gilmour, but not only these, but millions of recordings contain such beautiful details that they are all waiting to be discovered by our ears. Believe me, every detail and clarity you hear gives you incredible taste and pleasure.


Maybe you don't know how to proceed and where to start, or there are products that you research and wonder about the sound you like. You may want to put it all aside and just hear what the difference is and start something accordingly. If you say “I want to hear the song x on KEF as well” or if you say “I listened to Dire Straits for years, but now I want to hear it”, you can visit our stores.


Let this article be our invitation to re-live the "hearing experience" with valuable and ingenious products such as Astell & Kern , Kef, Klipsch, Sennheiser, NAD 😊

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