Do Cables Matter in Sound Quality?

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Depth in cables is often overshadowed by the headphone and hi-fi market. However, in this busy industry, many companies claim to produce cables with superior sound transmission capacity than others.

Frequently Discussed Topic: The Importance of Sound Transmission in Cables

There are two main claims about the importance of sound transmission in cables. While some audiophiles claim that the cable is an extremely important audio component; Others state that they cannot distinguish the difference in sound quality between a higher-priced cable and a standard cable. So, what is our opinion on this matter?

Conductor Material: The Basis of Sound Transmission

Cable conductors are responsible for carrying audio signals. Conductor selection has a direct impact on the integrity and quality of the signal. Silver is at the top for conductivity and generally delivers a more resonant sound. However, due to cost, they are usually found in premium products. Copper, on the other hand, is known for its warm and balanced tones and is commonly used in speaker cables . Gold and aluminum are less common in audio cables.

Protective Coating on Cables

Sound quality also depends on the interference the cable receives. In balanced cables, the sheathing material is generally less important because the technology in these cables can neutralize interference. However, unbalanced cables are more susceptible to interference.

Connectors: The Final Link of Audio Transmission

Connectors are usually protected by nickel, rhodium or gold plating. This is because these metals are resistant to corrosion. The solder points on the connectors also affect the sound quality.

Myths and Facts About Audio Cables

There are different opinions about whether gold-plated connectors improve sound quality. However, the main advantage of gold is its resistance to oxidation. Likewise, "Oxygen-Free Copper" (OFC) does not significantly improve sound quality, but does offer better conductivity and durability.

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