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Bluetooth technology has been rapidly included in our lives since 1999, when it emerged with versions 1.0 and 1.2. Today, it is possible to come across a wide range of Bluetooth technology, from the multimedia system in the cars to the coffee machine, to the scooters we frequently encounter on the streets of Istanbul.

In this article, we will talk about the contribution of the Bluetooth version to music equipment and especially to headphones. With the wireless connection advantage it provides, the sound transmission quality and efficiency it offers, the bluetooth technology, which is getting better with each passing version, continues to attract the admiration of the listeners.



“Bluetooth headphone version” is the name given to the interface that enables wireless communication between a phone - computer with a bluetooth chip and headphones with a bluetooth chip or portable bluetooth speakers.


If we go through a single product; Thanks to this wireless communication, for example, a headset connects with another phone and transmits voice and commands. With Bluetooth technology, we can listen to songs wirelessly over the earphones, as well as turn the volume on and off, pause and resume the song, switch to the next and previous song, and stop the song as soon as we take the earphone out of our ears by interacting with the motion sensor.


Every move we make on the headset causes a change in the mobile device we use: For example: stopping the playing song. The same is true for the mobile device we use, when we turn down the volume of the song on the phone, our headphones will reflect this volume reduction to us.


Bluetooth versions start to become efficient in connection quality and energy consumption at every stage when they move to the next phase. Although there are basically similar functions between Bluetooth version 3.0 and 5.2 today, the transmission quality and power consumption are not at the same level. Up-to-date is not always good, but when it comes to Bluetooth technology, we would like to point out that up-to-date is much better.


History of Bluetooth Versions

The latest version of Bluetooth is Bluetooth 5.3, which was released in 2021. Before Bluetooth 5.3, the evolution of Bluetooth technology is as follows:


  • Bluetooth 1.0 - Invented in 1998 and emerged as a groundbreaking technology for its time.


  • Bluetooth 2.0 - Released before 2005. The biggest improvement in this new version; It was "Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support, which uses a combination of phase shift keying modulation (PSK) and GFSK to provide better data transfer rates," according to Ear Rockers.


  • Bluetooth 3.0 - Released in 2009. High Speed ​​(HS) transfer mode introduced.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 - Released in 2010. Low Energy (BLE) support provided.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 - released in 2016.


  • Bluetooth 5.2 - Released in January 2020.



What is the Difference Between Bluetooth Version 5 and Bluetooth Version 5.2?


  • The main differences between Bluetooth Version 5 and Bluetooth Version 5.2 relate to capability and performance in general. Some of the key differences between these two versions are:
  • Bluetooth 5.2 offers an upgraded version of the original Attribute Protocol (ATT) called Advanced Attribute Protocol (EATT), which is more efficient and more secure than ATT.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 offers simultaneous channels (ISOC), a brand new feature that supports both connection-oriented and connectionless communication.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 features the latest in audio technology, LE Power Control and LE Audio.
  • With these improvements and efficiency improvements, Bluetooth 5.2 offers longer battery life as well as faster pairing features.


Which is the Latest Bluetooth Version?

Announced in 2021, Bluetooth 5.3 is the most up-to-date model among Bluetooth versions. Bluetooth version 5.3, which is still under development in terms of prevalence, is newly released. on mobile phones and some earphones began to appear in models.

It is known that Bluetooth 5.3 improves energy efficiency and user experience, especially system security, in Bluetooth-enabled products with the LE Audio standard. When it comes to Bluetooth, security is a very important issue. In case of any open or error, malicious hackers can access important information by accessing the mobile phone with the "phishing" method. In order to prevent such vulnerabilities, security standards change and develop with each new bluetooth version.



Which Bluetooth Version Is Better?

Although the most up-to-date is generally recommended when it comes to technology, it is worth remembering that there are no huge differences in Bluetooth versions in each new generation. Today a Bluetooth 5.0 Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC McLaren with Bluetooth 5.2 technology Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX True Wireless There are not large enough differences to be distinguished in terms of transmission and delay quality between the two. The difference in sound quality in these two models and other True Wireless earphone models is mostly due to physical factors. The driver structure of the headphones, their position in the ear, the materials used are the factors that determine the real difference.

Currently widely used, Bluetooth 5.2 and Bluetooth 5.0 offer a number of capabilities and advantages (especially when compared to previous bluetooth versions). However, if you want the latest and greatest in Bluetooth technology, you should opt for headset models that include Bluetooth 5.2 or 5.3.


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